According to Government ordinance 98 from 3rd of November 2010 regarding identification, designation and protection of critical infrastructures, C.C.P.I.C. is the specialized body of the Ministry of Administration and Interior responsible for organization and development of the activities necesary to implement the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2008/114/EC of 8 December 2008 on the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection, published in the Oficial Journal nr. L 345/75 from 23.12.2008.

Other responsabilities are to etablish a specific legislative framework, to coordinate the activities done by the public responsible authorities in order to identify the national and european critical infrastructures, to ensure the cooperation between these authorities and the governmental structures, to ensure the national contact point for critical infrastructure protection in relation with the other member states and the European Commission, N.A.T.O. and other international bodies and to ensure the management of the Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network - CIWIN.

We have also responsibilities in 2 of the national critical infrastructure sectors (national security and administration) and we are also the technical secretariat of the Inter-institutional Working Group for Critical Infrastructure Protection which functions at the level of the Government. continue about: A h3 level heading inside a featurebox div