According to OUG nr. 98 from 3rd of November 2010, the national responsible authorities in the field of critical infrastructure protection are:
- Ministry of Internal Affairs
- Ministry of Economy
- Ministry of Transports
- Ministry for Informational Society
- Ministry of National Defense
- Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
- Ministry of National Education
- Ministry of Health
- Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
- Romanian Intelligence Service
- Foreign Intelligence Service
- Special Telecommunications Service
- The National Authority for The Veterinary and Food Safety
- Romanian Space Agency

The public responsible authorities perform the following tasks:
a) establishing the sector /cross-cutting criteria and their critical thresholds;
b) coordinating the process of identifying specific NCI /ECI in the area of responsibility;
c) proposing the designation of NCI /ECI, according to sectors in their responsibility;
d) notifying the Government, through the state counselor, on the status of implementation of normative acts in the respective field;
e) verifying the fulfillment of NCI /ECI owners/operators/managers’ obligations established under the present emergency ordinance and imposing penalties for their infringement;
f) approving SOP for sectors within the area of responsibility;
g) participating, upon request of M.A.I., through CIP Coordination Centre, at the bilateral/ multilateral discussions in order to conclude agreements necessary to establish ECI;
h) establishing /ordering, as appropriate, those necessary measures in order to improve the specific activity of NCI /ECI in the area of responsibility;
i) informing M.A.I. on the identification stage of NCI /ECI in the area of responsibility;
j) providing the necessary financial resources in order to organize and carry out specific activities in the field of CIP;
k) participating, upon request of the European Commission, to the developing of guidelines for applying sectoral and cross-cutting criteria and to approximating the critical threshold values, which are used to identify ECI.